Speakers at Asia Climate Forum

Ben Churchill

Director, Regional Office for Asia and the South-West Pacific, World Meteorological Organization

Ben Churchill

Leading the management and operation of the WMO Regional Office for Asia and the South-West Pacific. Enabling and empowering a diverse and professional team to support 59 WMO Members through engagement, collaboration and innovation.

Focused on delivering better climate, weather, water and environmental services across the Asia Pacific Region to help build more resilient communities and reduce the impact of extreme climate and weather on lives and property, particularly for the most vulnerable. Contributing to WMO reform at a regional level to increase efficiency and effectiveness by aligning regional structures and working mechanisms with the WMO’s Technical Commissions (Infrastructure and Services) and the Research Board. Improving governance frameworks for WMO Regional Associations II (Asia) and V (South-West Pacific).

Implementing global and regional initiatives to mobilise resources that build capacity of national meteorological and hydrological services including through promoting data exchange, sharing knowledge, experience and skills, facilitating technical support and training, and encouraging research and innovation to transform science into actions and outcomes.

Committed to increasing the visibility and relevance of WMO and its Members through promoting their impact and value and strengthening relationships with partners, the private sector and academia. Promoting the critical role of multi-hazard early warning systems in reducing economic, social and environmental risks and impacts associated with natural hazards.

Actively seeking opportunities to close the gap between developed and developing countries, with a strong focus on supporting Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States.