Asia Climate Forum

19 - 21 June 2024 Sands Expo & Convention Centre Singapore

Exhibitor List 2023

Review and explore the 2023 exhibitor list for the Asia Climate Forum below. The exhibitor list for Asia Climate Forum 2024 will be updated at a later date.

All Weather Inc

All Weather Inc. (AWI) is a leading developer of highly accurate, highly dependable aviation technology solutions that help our customers minimize risks in an unpredictable world.

AWI combines state-of-the-art air traffic integration and surface weather measurement technology with flexible system design and comprehensive project management. Offerings include aviation weather systems, air traffic control systems, custom system engineering, and a wide range of precision meteorological sensors and systems.

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Asuzero Singapore Pvt. Ltd.

Asuzero is a consulting and scoring partner of CDP, the most famous climate change global initiative. We support enterprises to measure, reduce and act on their environmental impact through cloud service and CDP scoring consulting service.

We are proud of working with plenty of companies in manufacturing, construction, real estate, logistics, transportation and financial industries.

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Baron Weather

Baron provides critical weather intelligence to businesses, government agencies, and consumers across the globe. We develop life-saving meteorological tools that have set the industry standard for radar engineering, hydrological modeling, data integration, storm tracking and early warning systems. Precision matters most in everything we do. From the detection of dangerous weather to the communication of alerts and warnings to the public, Baron can transform your meteorological organization into a more efficient and effective operation.

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Beijing MojiFengyun Technology Co., Ltd

Moji Weather is a social, crowd-sourced app generating real-time weather data from its user base around the world. Beyond just sharing pictures of their environment, users can also share how the weather makes them feel, which is important for those sensitive to migraines or those with allergies.

Moji Weather offers software capable of tracking weather information through smartphones. It is developed by Moji Fengyun (Beijing) Software Technology Development Company Limited.

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Beijing Santel Technology & Trading Corp.

Beijing SanTel Technology & Trading Corp. was founded in 1993 as a member of CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited) and the international marketing and sales platform for Academy of China Changfeng Electromechanical Technology (ACCET). The state-owned enterprise mainly engaged in international trade and tendering agency, project management and consultation services.

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Bristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd (Biral) designs, manufactures and distributes high quality meteorological sensors for professional markets, including aviation, offshore platforms and wind energy.

Biral manufactures the VPF, SWS and RWS ranges of Visibility and Present Weather sensors as well as the unique BTD Thunderstorm Detectors. Our meteorological products are used in the most demanding applications such as aviation, offshore platforms and wind energy.

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Campbell Scientific

Campbell Scientific has been a trusted leader in measurement systems for over 40 years. Our top priority has always been to provide the most accurate, reliable data for research and industry.

We design and manufacture instruments using state-of-the-art technology, and we make them rugged, so they are reliable in harsh environments. Our world-class technical support is backed by Campbell Scientific's global network of 12 offices and factories.

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CEC Jinjiang Info Industrial Co. Ltd.

China Electronics Corporation is a Chinese state-owned company and one of the largest producers of telecom equipment in China for both civilian and military purposes.

China Electronic Corporation (also called “China Electronics” in short) was established in May 1989. In 1995, it was further authorized by the former Ministry of Electronics Industry to operate and manage the state-owned assets of all enterprises under the Ministry. In 2000, it became a key state-owned enterprise directly managed by the central government.

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CE Test & Measurements (S) Pte Ltd

CETM calibration laboratory, established in 2017, offers various calibration services that satisfy customer requirements for standards compliance.

Our technicians have over 20 years’ experience in metrology. The scope of calibration and repair capabilities can be categorized into the generic groups:

  • electrical
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • pressure
  • torque & acoustic
  • speed
  • vibration

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China Meteorological Service Association

The China Meteorological Service Association (CMSA) is the first national, industrial, and non-profit social organization formally established by China Meteorological Administration (CMA) on 13 May 2015.

The Association now has 517 member units. The second council meeting elected Xu Xiaofeng, Former Deputy Director of CMA, the President of the Association. Leaders of enterprises, institutions and scientific research institutions in the field of meteorological services serve as 13 Vice Presidents and Secretary-General respectively.

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China National Early Warning Centre

China established a national early warning information center on May 18 to better inform the public of natural disasters and other emergencies.

The center is intended to issue advance warnings of natural disasters and other public health and security emergencies.

Early warning information released by the center will include typhoons, rainstorms, sandstorms, geological disasters, marine disasters, forest fires, heavy pollution and security emergencies.

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Shenzhen Yunyun Hi-Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yunyun Hi-Tech") is a company dedicated to providing monitoring equipment, after-sales technical support, data quality control, and data analysis for customers in the fields of meteorology, environment, ecology, ocean, transportation, energy, and agriculture. It is a national high-tech enterprise with overall solutions such as technology and applications, and has 30 patents and software copyrights.

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Colorful Clouds Tech Co., Ltd

Artificial intelligence makes life better. ColorfulClouds Tech is an app and API platform.

  • Short-time precipitation forecast down-to-the-minute 
  • Location of the forecast accurate to less than 1km
  • 83% hit-rate on average
  • 120-hour nationwide haze forecast

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Droplet Measurement Technologies

Droplet Measurement Technologies started in 1987 with a passion for science and supporting the scientific community. Our initial services and accessories focused on airborne probes for researchers who shared our founders’ passions. This formed the foundation of our growth into a wide range of research applications around the globe.

Today, we push to advance the groundbreaking ideas of leading scientists and institutions around the world. Our hope? That our instruments, solutions, scientific expertise, and services help you solve your biggest challenges.

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DTN is a global, data, analytics, and technology company. Its proprietary solutions and expertise deliver trusted operational intelligence for organizations with complex supply chains worldwide. Access to the unparalleled, cloud-based data, applications, and insights that DTN offers help businesses prosper, improving service delivery and the movement of goods for many critical sectors of the global economy. DTN is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and Utrecht, Netherlands, and operates or has investments in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region with support from more than 1,200 employees worldwide.

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EEC Enterprise Electronics Corporation

EEC is recognized as the world leader in the meteorological radar field since its inception in 1971 with more than 1,200 radar systems manufactured and delivered in the United States and over 100 countries worldwide. Celebrating over 50 years in operation, EEC has consistently led the industry worldwide in the introduction of the latest available technology to enhance radar and data processing performance. A strong focus on innovation and technology infusion into the product line continues to be a driving factor in EEC’s leadership in the weather radar market.

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ELDES s.r.l

For over twenty-five years, we have been completely focused on research and innovation. For over two decades we have been working on the most advanced frontier of radar technology, developing products that mark a clear line between the “former” and the “latter”.

ELDES develops and manufactures solutions for weather radars and defence radar simulators. Advanced technology, unique in the world, thanks to which is possible to move within contemporary scenarios, actively managing the complexity they entail.

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Everbridge empowers organizations to anticipate, mitigate, respond to, and ultimately emerge stronger from critical events with the industry’s only end-to-end critical event management platform. Everbridge delivers reliability, security, and compliance, creating a measurable business advantage for our customers.

As a mission driven company we are committed to protecting lives and livelihoods and supporting the UN Executive Action Plan on Early Warnings for All.

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Foshan LiTong FanPeng Co. (Lt Canopy)

Foshan LiTong FanPeng Co., LTD. is one of the leading heavy duty PVC coated tarpaulin manufacturer in China with over 10 year's experience.

Engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing tarpaulin products since 2010. We possess amount of advanced equipment, scientific management, first-class technology, continuous design and expect team of special products, timely meet the demands of market.

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Hangzhou ZOGLAB Communication Equipment Co., Ltd

ZOGLAB Microsystem Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and solution provider specialized in meteorological calibration, atmospheric and environmental monitoring.  Established in 2002, ZOGLAB has its headquarter located in Hangzhou, China.  ZOGLAB is a research driven company that focuses on customer needs and continuous innovation.  For the past 17 years, ZOGLAB has established itself as an innovative and respected world-wide player in the field with strong partnership with CMA, WMO, and many world renowned research institutes.

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HeFei Jiasun Technology Co., Ltd.

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HMEI promotes the views of the private industry providers of products and services in the meteorological, hydrological, environmental and related fields.

The Association is fully accredited to the WMO and other UN organizations and actively facilitates interaction and communication between its members and a broad range of international and national organizations, both governmental and private, for the mutual benefit of all parties.

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A disruptor in the radar industry, C-band, S-band, and X-band Dual-polarization Doppler weather radars are the most important division of the company with more than 35 radars deployed in the last 7 years. Meteopress’s radars have the lowest carbon footprint on the market.

With a lightweight construction design and very low power consumption, they can be powered by solar. That all brings the costs of radar deployment to the minimum. Thanks to agile development, we can offer virtually unlimited capacity and very short delivery times. A strong in-house AI team is bringing previously impossible products, with super-precise precipitation nowcasting, satellite nowcasting, ENS NWP AI forecasting.

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Microstep MIS

MicroStep-MIS operates worldwide and is specialized in the development and manufacturing of customized monitoring and information systems, processing of acquired data, research, and numerical modeling.

Our global operations include the following core customer groups: airports, meteorological and seismological institutes, environmental authorities, industry, and municipalities.

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Naruida Technology Co., Ltd.

Naruida is the first company in China manufacturing fully polarimetric active phased array radar systems, which has been used in the field of weather detection. Equipped with strong in-house development capabilities of all core technologies from array antennas, RF front- end, digital IF back-end, Radar signal processing, data fusion to meteorological products, we are turnkey provider dedicated to offer varieties of weather observation system solutions. 

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Novian Technologies

Novian Technologies has deployed a high-performance climate monitoring and modeling cluster at the WASCAL (West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use) IT Competence Center in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. Its ability to process vast amounts of data has allowed scientists to more effectively develop tools to mitigate the effects of climate change, anticipate potential impacts, and help them adapt to the environmental changes that have already taken place, which are highly-important to West African countries.

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Nowcast GmbH

If you are looking for the highest possible precision, speed and reliability in lightning detection and lightning data, then nowcast is your one-stop shop. Why should you settle for less when nowcast can meet your requirements at a sensible price?

Opt for the best-in-class 3D-real-time technology and take advantage of the highest possible quality ranging from real-time data to historical data: Engineered & made in Germany!

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PIESAT Information Technology Co

PIESAT is a leading satellite operation and application service provider. With “Serve the Earth & Space Community” as its mission, PIESAT has been focusing on development of core technology in the satellite application, and devoted to customization of satellite application software, initialization of professional application, commercialization of applicational services. PIESAT has also developed PIE (Pixel Information Expert) software series with complete independent intellectual property rights, and provide comprehensive solutions of spatial information applications for government sectors and enterprises.

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Qingdao Leice Transient Technology Co.Ltd.

Qingdao Leice Transient Technology Co.,Ltd (hereafter as "Leice") was founded by a team of professors and experts from Ocean University of China and Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Leice focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and technical services of remote sensing lidars for meteorology. Leice is an international high-tech enterprise, with quality system compliant with ISO9001 standard, and products certified by SGS, WindGuard, DNV_ GL and other international authorities.

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Raymetrics is a technology driven, globally renowned atmospheric LiDAR manufacturer.

The Company is developing innovative products to expand its market reach and strengthen its competitive market position. Raymetrics products are offered to stable and diverse customer base including national weather services, renowned research and educational institutions, airports, meteorological services etc.

Anchored in Athens but with global reach and ambition, Raymetrics is a company founded by scientists and engineers, using the innovative LIDAR technology to remotely sense the atmosphere.

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Scintec produces one of the most comprehensive lines of advanced atmospheric remote sensing instrumentations. This includes the famous LAP® Series Radar Wind Profilers, FAS Series Sodar Wind Profilers, RASS Temperature Profilers, as well as the industry-leading BLS and SLS Series Optical Turbulence Sensors.

Customers of Scintec include the most respected research institutes, aeronautical industries, power plants, the military, major airports and a large number of national weather services.

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Seeed Technology Co., Ltd.

Trusted by 200,000+ customers, Seeed Studio is a leading sensor and AIoT solution provider, with SenseCAP ONE compact weather sensor granted the “Excellent Product Award” at China Hi-Tech Fair. At their in-house wind tunnel lab, each SenseCAP weather sensor must pass rigorous tests to ensure its performance in tough environments with wind speeds up to 80m/s, while providing accurate and reliable data. Their products have been widely used in scenarios like hydroclimate, renewable energy, pollution detection, carbon monitoring, etc.

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SIAP+MICROS Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Siap+Micros designs, manufactures and installs systems and turnkey services for environmental monitoring. We have been producing instrumentation for meteorology since 1925.

The company's products include temperature sensors, humidity sensors, precipitation and atmospheric instruments, enabling clients to avail quality products.

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Theta Instruments

THETA Instruments is a hi-tech company focused for more than 10 years on developing and producing ultrasonic air flow sensors, multi-parameter weather stations, and industrial measuring instruments used for leakage and gas emission detection.

With 12 years extreme experience in sensor development and field application, THETA also provides IOT solutions to customers in the electric power industry, environment protection industry and agriculture.

For many years THETA products have earned a reputation and trust from customers for high accuracy, stability and durability in extreme weather conditions while THETA provides cost effective products and good customer service.

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Tongxiang Smallboss Special Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.

Since 1992 Tong Xiang, Zhe jiang-based Small Boss has been a leading manufacturer of plastic products for the construction industry which is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in environmental protection industry. We are the originators of many plastic products and offer the most complete line of PVC products in the industry.

Vinyl sheet piles are an environmentally friendly, lightweight, extremely durable and costs efficient alternative to the traditional materials such as steel, concrete or wood. They are used in construction projects more and more broadly because of their excellent parameters and the possibility of lowering investment costs.

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UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology is an independent, not-for-profit research institute, carrying out excellent environmental science across water, land and air. Our science makes a difference underpinning environmental policies, commercial innovation and conservation action all around the world.

Our research extends from molecular biology to global climate modelling, and we carry out fieldwork across the world, from the semi-arid West African Sahel to the rainforests of South East Asia. Our focus is on mitigating and building resilience to climate change, preventing and reducing pollution, and creating sustainable ecosystems.

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Westenberg Engineering and Westenberg Wind Tunnels

Westenberg is a manufacturer of wind tunnels and offers a wide range of standard customized calibration tunnels and volume test benches!  Westenberg disposes of a laboratory in Cologne with two permanent wind tunnels, accredited by the German PTB, which has 3 Westenberg wind tunnels in use.

  • Accreditated Velocity range: 0.1- 70 m/s
  • Accreditation for volume flow
  • Accredited range 100 – 4.600 m³/h
  • DAkkS DIN EN ISO 17025:2018 since 2004

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