Speakers at Asia Climate Forum

Agnes K Y Tai

Director, Great Glory Investment Corporation

Agnes K Y Tai

My interest is to help make this a better world, with focus in sustainability and climate, and responsible/ESG investing, being 'Climate Designation', 'Sustainability and Climate Risk' as well as 'ESG Investing' certified.

Findings from my PhD research raises awareness towards ESG and carbon risks, training of directors and senior executives across five continents provides sharpened knowledge, and BlueOnion's smart sustainability engine help complete the value chain in support of corporate climate/ESG action.

I welcome board roles in listed companies and/or meaningful roles in asset management firms committed to sustainability/ESG, to utilize my insights and network as an investor, advisor, speaker, trainer, researcher and customer. As a proficient bridge between east and west with acumen in articulating diverse perspectives, facilitating well-meaning exchanges I garner consensus and move teams forward.

During my 43 years in financial markets holding senior roles across 4 jurisdictions I have created a number of business units or companies in asset and risk management, including sustainable/responsible investing in our family office for the past 13 years. My absolute return climate+ESG-centric Greater China equities portfolio demonstrates that there is alpha in ESG. Insistence in reading original policies and papers in Chinese allows understanding of the pulse and megatrends in the second largest economy, where sustainability investing is fast developing.